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Suicide People cannot decide their birth and death, however, suicide is self-determination of a person’s life. however, this self-determination is always committed after emotional harms. Emotional harms are an international issue for females, which cannot be ignored, especially in this male-dominated world. And suicide is the extremity of emotional wounds. Suicide is a taboo in ...


Confusion Confusion is the reflection to the relationship between men and women. From a woman’s point of view, dealing with the relationship between women and man result in different kinds of confusion, especially in this male-dominated world. Women’s chests, distortion of men’s organs are the elements of the works and symbols of this series.   ...


Smoke Shoran’s recent works explore the idea of destiny, which begins at certain point and leads to an unknown place. There are so many uncertainties about our lives as human beings – we are making a journey, but in fact it is a combination of many journeys. I chose smoke to present this idea. The abstract ...


Rebirth Every one may get hurt, if she can recover, then she will have a new life, which is what I called ‘REBIRTH’. Hurt is painful, however, when people recover and look back, hurt is beautiful. This is the reason that I used a beautiful style to explain this process. Butterflies, coffins, water, bathtub are ...


Shoran Jiang

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